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A nyraala golem was a type of golem created by illithids. It was a flailing, slimy, tentacled construct capable of launching surprise attacks. They often served as guards, and were prized because their creation did not involve petitioning the elder brain to surrender part of its mass.[1]


Nyraala golems were composed of humanoid flesh melded with illithid mucus and a type of fungus from the Underdark. The mucus was psionically active, which gave them the ability to receive telepathic commands from their masters. They had a humanoid torso with two strong arms, but with a long, thick tentacle instead of a head. Their lower bodies consisted of three large tentacles. Their skin was constantly moist and smelled faintly of rotting flesh.[1]

The golems could also engage in a form of camouflage by breaking themselves down into piles of seemingly inert fungal growths. Although they could not move while in this form, they could quickly return to their original shapes.[1]


Like any other golem, nyraala golems were mindless constructs. However, thanks to their advanced psionic construction, they were capable of executing complex preset commands in combat and could perform a variety of tasks.[1]


Nyraala golems were immune to poison effects, death magic, and mental attacks.[1]


In combat, nyraala golems made use of their powerful arms and tentacles to damage their opponents and to frustrate their close-range attacks. They tended to focus their attacks on spellcasters, in a similar manner that brain golems acted.[1]

When traversing the battlefield, nyraala golems transformed the corpses of fallen combatants, reanimating them into an amorphous mass of flailing mucous limbs. The confusion generated by the presence of these abominations served to distract opponents from a surprise attack by the golems.[1]


By 1370 DR, there were around 196 nyraala golems in Oryndoll.[2] They could also be found in the illithid city of Ch'Chitl, three of which were by the Ulithautarch's side at all times.[3]


Nyraala golems were costly to create. Additionally, the fungus that composed their bodies could only be harvested once every ten years. They were usually built by members of the Creative Creed, who collected the construction costs from their future owner. Due to their high prices, nyraala golems were a symbol of status among illithids.[1]



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