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Nyzeil Nighthammer and her partner Oagla'ta were members of the Sisters of the Blood Moon in the early 14th century DR.[1]


Nyzeil Nighthammer was a tough and bullheaded fighter, trained in the use of hammers in battle.[1]


The duergar was armed with a warhammer and a shield.[1]


Nyzeil Nighthammer and Oagla'ta came together sometime before the Year of Storms, 1310 DR. Both women were bigger, stronger, and much more kind-hearted than most males of their races, Nyzeil, among duergar, and Oagla'ta, among half-orcs. The couple traveled to the city of Silverymoon, where they became targets of harassment and bigotry from the town watch. S'feria Ranul, a kindly drow Silverstar of Selûne, witnessed the treatment and got involved, sheltering the couple from prejudice. Grateful and realizing they shared faith and values, Nyzeil and Oagla'ta joined S'feria Ranul's adventure troupe - the Sisters of the Blood Moon.[1]

Nyzeil and her partner were the group's muscles, being more formidable than most males in battle. One fateful night, the trip encountered a goblin ambush in a forest outside Silverymoon. Serendipitously, three adventuring heroes came along the site of the battle and rushed to their aid. The heroes were a rock gnome rogue Kylei Shadowhand, her twin sister wizard Hylei, and a ranger Half-elf Nevae Quar. The group dispatched bandits with ease, battling in synch, S'feria became enamored with the new allies' battle prowess and convinced them to join her adventuring band.[1]

In 1310 DR, S'feria Ranul received a letter – a plea for help from the town of Targos in Icewind Dale. Despite the promise of gold and fame, S'feria led her Sisters to the northern city, answering its pleas for help.[1]



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