The Oasis of Vipers was an old, well-watered set of three pools in Anauroch that was mostly ignored by the Bedine.[1]


This oasis was located near the northernmost border of the Sword. It consistent of three separate small pools.[1]

Flora and FaunaEdit

The oasis had a large variety of plant life: boojum trees, ocotillos, and other small cacti; acacia, palm, and tamarisk trees; and puncture vines. The vines formed a thick underbrush and webbing among the trees and concealed the bones of many dead creatures, including camels and humans.[1]

The oasis was home to hundreds of extremely poisonous serpents, which hunted each other and any life that attempted to drink water from any of the pools. Because of this, there was a complete absence of birds, lizards, or rodents common to other oases.[1]



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