Oathbinder genies were tasked genies who were believed to be the descendants of a single efreeti.[2] Their sole purpose was to maintain oaths sworn between their master and other beings. They punished any oathbreaker based on the terms of their vow.[1]

The creation of the first oathbinder genie could be traced back to an efreeti named Mulahid and his affections for the Grandmother of the Everlasting who used her beguiling charm to bind him into service.[3]


The skin of oathbinder genies was glossy black, like obsidian. A glow of white fire enveloped their bodies at all times. Their eyes burned fiercely with purple fire.[1]


An oathbinder genie would only be seen when the terms of their contracts required them, usually when someone broke an oath. They magically arrived within minutes of a broken oath.[1]

These genies could attack with jets of white fire from their hands.[1]

Oathbinder genies were completely immune to any physical or magical attack from the creature who broke their oath. The spirit of an oathbreaker slain by an oathbinder genie was captured and held by the oathbinder for years at a time. During this period the spirit could not be contacted by magical or priestly means.[1]

Oathbinders could use the following spell-like abilities three times per day: command, evil eye, greater malison, hold person, otiluke’s resilient sphere, unluck, wall of force.[1]


Every oathbinder genie was a member of a secret group that monitored and governed their conduct. As master of oaths and contracts of ally types, the were eager to engage in any conversation regarding those matters.[1]

Oathbinder genies never served marid since they believed their word could not be trusted.[1]


These genies were rarely encountered outside of the presence of their master. A genie who gives his or her word to an oathbinder genie would never break that word, though they would manipulate their word as far as possible. [1]

Strict and demanding oaths sworn before an oathbinder genie required more treasure to be paid to the genie. An oath that would last a lifetime could easily cost tens of thousands of gp.[1]




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