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Obarskyr was the royal house of Cormyr.


The Obarskyr family originally rose to prominence in Impiltur as a mercenary company.[2]

One member of the family, Ondeth, fleeing the political situation and plague in his homeland, took his wife and two sons to a forest to the west of Marsember known as the Wolf Woods in the Year of the Firestars, 6 DR, and built a settlement. More men joined him and when the elves in the region realized they could not contain the growing number of humans invading the land they chose Ondeth to attempt to bring peace and slow down the settlement's expansion. When Ondeth died, his son Faerlthann became the first king of the realm that the elves and Ondeth had created. In the Year of Opening Doors, 26 DR (year 1 of Cormyr Reckoning), Cormyr was born.[3]


Family Tree[]

King Faerlthann
First King
King Imlon
the Touched
King Embrus
the Old
King EskruisKing Rhiiman
the Glorious
King BryndarKing Kaspler
the Learned
King Imbre
King Sacrast
King DaravvanKing DorglorKing Embrold
King Irbruin
Prince FaerlthindKing Moriannseven daughtersKing Tharyann
the Elder
two sonsPrince DorglorKing Boldovar
the Mad
Princess Erthava
Queen Gantharla
the First Queen
King Iltharl
the Insufficient
King Thargreve
the Lesser
King Roderin
the Bastard
King HolordrymKurrurdan
Queen Besmra
King BelereveKing ThargramRasthaeleBelorthKing TorstKing GordrounKing Keldroun
King Berost
the Bold
King Gorann
JalanthraKing Ulbaeram
Queen SilbranAskran
the Pretender
Infant King Edrae the Doomed BabeKing Belmuth
the Bastard
King OrtolarKing RaerbothGordron
King SargrannonKing Imbrus IBoy King ArtrethBoy King ZoumdanInfant King BaerildoQueen Meurthe
Boy King Imbrus IIKing Thargreve
the Greater
a son or daughter
Queen Jarissra

The following are Gorauna Obarskyr's reigning grandnieces and grandnephews and their descendants.

Queen KasplaraQueen Arathra
the Little Spider
King Jasl
the Royal Jester
King Barander
the Tortured King
King Andilber
the Unfortunate
King Anglond
Eleriel 3rd son
King Azoun I
the Crown Prince of Battles
Daverna Turcassan
King Duar
Threena Cormaeril
3rd wife
Jhanthyl Lagarr
King Galaghard I
Galaghard II
Father of the Dark Princes
1st son2nd sonDraxius
the Neverdying
King Bryntarth I
King Galaghard III
King Rhiigard I
the Mourning King
Prince TanlarPrincess Kathla
King Bryntarth II
King Arangor
King Azoun II
King Proster
King Baerovus
1st sonKing Palaghard I
Enchara of Esparin
King Pryntaler
Alvandira Crownsilver
King Dhalmass
the Warrior King
Jhalass Huntsilver
Prince ProsterKing Palaghard II
Alendue WyrvarPrincess ElliiraPrincess Pelara
Prince LhannasKing Azoun III Salember
the Rebel Prince
King Rhigaerd II
Tanalusta Truesilver
King Azoun IV
Filfaeril Selzair
the Dragon Queen
Princess SulestaDuke Bhereu Ammaeth
Baron Thomdor Ammaeth
Prince ForilRowen Cormaeril
Princess TanalastaPrincess Alusair
the Steel Regent
King Azoun V
Nalara Marliir
Prince EmvarKing Foril I
Jemra Rhindaun
King Irvel I
Ospra Goldfeather
Prince BaerovusQueen Raedra


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