Obedient avalanche, also known by many as Zajimarn's avalanche, was a conjuration spell of the creation subschool that called down an avalanche to bury one's foes.[1][2][3][4]


The spell opened a rift in midair, from which poured an avalanche of snow that engulfed everyone and everything beneath it and swept outwards from that location. The avalanche crushed and froze those directly beneath it, and could even bury them in heavy snow. Further away, the impact was less, but the spreading snow shoved all aside and carried them along.[1][2][3][4]

The obedient avalanche also damaged buildings and other structures, uprooted small trees and lesser plants, and turned the ground into a trail of rubble in the snow's path. It also put out all fires, whether they were natural or magical in nature.[2][3][4]


The obedient avalanche was formerly unique to clerics with the Cold domain,[2][3] but could also be learned by sorcerers and wizards.[1][4]


The spell was named for Zajimarn.[1]




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