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Oberon was a Netherese arcanist during the Age of Discovery of Netheril.[2]


Oberon was a strong supporter of expeditions into Realmspace. He kept undertaking such expeditions even after other archwizards stopped funding them in −964 DR, in the hopes of finding resources to gain an advantage in the competition for power. Such resources were never found, but even after his death ten years later, his followers continued propagating his views.[2]


Oberon was a specialist in "quasidimensional transport" and was credited with many of the spells associated with teleportation and planar travel, such as banishment, blink, dimension door, telekinesis, and teleport, among others.[2][3]

In his travels into Realmspace, Oberon also sought to reestablish relations with other races, in an attempt to make amends for the damage caused by the aggressive actions of early explorers from Yeoman's Loft in previous years.[1] He became respected by Realmspace inhabitants, but, despite his efforts, they continued to view the nation of Netheril as corrupt and evil.[2]



  1. Oberon's class is given as "archwizard". As this is not a defined class in 2nd edition, this is assumed to be an error.