King Obould XVII was the seventeenth king of the Obould dynasty, ruling over the orc kingdom of Many-Arrows in the Silver Marches in the 1470s[1][3] and early 1480s DR.[2] He reigned from Dark Arrow Keep.[1]


Obould XVII reunited the tribes in 1460 DR after a series of civil wars split the kingdom. He was the first of his line to attempt the expansion of his power base.[citation needed]

Obould XVII's reign was strong around 1479 DR.[1] At the time, he sent forces to investigate options in the city of Neverwinter. However, the lieutenant he sent to achieve this, a power-hungry orc named Vansi, allied herself with the Abolethic Sovereignty and rather than reporting back to her king, risked turning herself and her warriors into pawns.[4]

In the Year of the Awakened Sleepers, 1484 DR, after the Darkening, Obould started to lose control of his chieftains.[5] Soon after, under the orders of Tiago Baenre and Ravel Xorlarrin, he was killed by the drow assassin Belween, who'd disguised himself as the orc prince Lorgru, who had been kidnapped previously.[2]


As with all his predecessors, Obould XVII inflicted lethal punishments on unruly chieftains. They were sent to battle in the Pit in Dark Arrow Keep; while survival would receive a pardon, Obould XVII gave a slow-acting poison to those he especially wanted to be rid of.[1]



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