Obsul Ssussun, or "The Door to Light", was a spellbook containing some spells designed for followers of Vhaeraun.[1]


The black book was small, about as wide as an elf's hand, and written in Undercommon in small Elven script.


It was written by the Widower in cooperation with a cleric of Vhaeraun alongside another book. Both books were made twice, one for arcane casters and another for divine casters.[1]


It had a spiritual value to the church of Vhaeraun, who were known to buy back the book for a heavy sum. Clan Auzkovyn also provided the seller with a token for life-long safe passage.[1]


As mentioned above, the book was written by the Widower in cooperation with a cleric of Vhaeraun sometime between 1370 DR and 1372 DR and two copies, each for arcane and divine magic, existed.

When the Widower left, he gave it to his secondwizard Zulifein T'orgh in order that it be used in the fight against Lolth. Zulifein didn't follow instructions however, and disappeared towards Sshamath at some point in 1372 DR, intending to use the book to buy his safety there. What happened to the book, at least its arcane version, after that is unknown.[1]


The book contained three notable spells and the secret to calling for the aid of a vhaerath. The spells were:


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