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Ochimo: The Spirit Warrior was an adventure module for the Oriental Adventures campaign setting using the 1st-edition Dungeons & Dragons ruleset, printed in 1987. It is set on the island of Akari in Kara-Tur.

Your family and those of your friends are deeply indebted to the Ko family, a clan of merchants from distant and alien Shou Lung. The Ko have been instructed by their emperor to develop an island possession to extend the Glorious Empire of the Shou Lung. The colony there is failing because of fell spirits and dire hauntings. The Ko family is calling in old favors to discover who is responsible for these evil sendings. And if the Ko have a problem, you have a problem....

So you and your companions are bound for the island of Akari, a small pebble in the Celestial Sea. There you will find a land rich in ancient lore and guarded by the sword of a spectral samurai—Ochimo, the spirit warrior. Yet this is only the first taste of the adventures that await you.

Ochimo: The Spirit Warrior is an adventure for characters of levels 5-7 and uses the AD&D Oriental Adventures rule book. The module includes descriptions of Akari Island, as well as much information on the lifestyles, attitudes, and history of the most civilized nation in the world: Shou Lung.


  • Introduction to Shou Lung
  • Chapter 1: The Invitation
  • Chapter 2: The Voyage to Akari
  • Chapter 3: Akari Island
  • Chapter 4: Opawangchicheng
  • Chapter 5: The Dead Lands
  • New Monsters
  • Pregenerated Player Character Sheets


Askoro ImoHoshinKi BohrKi Mor ShaKihei ZaichoKirioshiMotoharu KaijitsuOkashaToipeyeToyo Otomoto
mirror of enlightenment



  • Editing: Mike Breault
  • Design Consultant: David “Zed” Cook
  • Cover Art: Jeff Easley
  • Interior Art: Jim Holloway
  • Cartography: Dave and Diane Sutherland
  • Typography: Betty Elmore
  • Graphic Design: Dennis Kauth, ColIeen O’Malley, Stephanie Tabat


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