Ochre jellies were a dangerous variety of subterranean ooze.[citation needed] They were favored by the drow deity Ghaunadaur.[2]


Ochre jellies resembled giant amoebas, consisting of a thick, golden sludge. The ooze's body was made up of yellow-orange colored acid capable of dissolving any organic material. An ochre jelly could grow to a diameter of about fifteen feet and a thickness of about six inches but could compress its body to fit into cracks as small as one inch wide. A typical specimen weighed about 5,600 pounds.[citation needed]


They lurked in dungeons, slowly creeping along floors, walls, and ceilings and under and through doors and cracks looking for victims. When they were found, the ochre jelly extended itself and latched onto them, proceeding to constrict and engulf them. The jelly exuded pseudopods to slam and grapple foes in combat.[citation needed]


Ochre jellies reproduced asexually, occasionally being found with several of its divided offspring.[citation needed]


Ochre jellies were known to exist in the dungeon of Xûl-Jarak in Thar.[3] They could also be found in the ruins of the Ulcaster school near Beregost.[4]



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