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Octopuses were a breed of multi-tentacled cephalopod that lived within the ocean.[citation needed]


An octopus tentacle.

Generally, regular octopuses were not dangerous unless provoked, and in this case, would usually try to escape.[2] Many evolved the ability to blend into their environment. They could not only change the color of their skin, but also use muscle action to change its texture to appear more like whatever they were blending against. If they were pursued by predators, octopuses were capable of expelling a cloud of ink before swimming away. Some octopuses were venomous, capable of producing a paralytic neurotoxin.[citation needed]


Blue ring octopus 
Inherently good creatures that dwelt in the oceans of the Underdark, trying to avoid the more powerful races with which they shared territory.[3]
Giant octopus 
Unlike regular octopuses, they were aggressively territorial and could have tentacles up to 10 ft (3 m) long.[4]
Mottled sidi octopus 
A species of fierce octopus larger than an adolescent human in size that inhabited the depths of the Sea of Fallen Stars.[5]
A blind, bell-shaped octopus with the ability to change color.[6]


They made their homes along the bottom of the sea, particularly within coral reefs. Octopuses were quite intelligent as mollusks went and were capable of complex tactics in their pursuit of food.[citation needed]

Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue sold dried up octopus tentacles for 4 gp a piece.[7]


The city of Bral on the Rock of Bral had a tavern named the Drunken Octopus.[8]



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