Ogawa Besar was a barbarian participant at the Komite in Shou Lung in 1358 DR.[1]


Nobody knew Ogawa Besar's origins. Most people believed he arrived from the Ama Basin, others he thought was the son of a gaijin pirate.

One day, he arrived at the dojo of the Iron Hand kung fu school asking to join. At first, master Ling Li Te Hsin wanted reject him for his rude appearance and speech but Ogawa asked the master to consider only his strength and determination. In a show of ability, Ogawa tried to defeat two oxen in a tug-of-war. At last, after a two-hour-long battle, he lost but Master Ling Li was and impressed accepted him in the school.

In time, Ogawa became the most promising student of the Iron Hand school and a probable successor of Master Ling Li. In 1358 DR, Ogawa Besar went to participate at the Komite. Ogawa managed to finish among the tournament's finalists.[1]



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