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Oghrann was a dwarven realm founded on and under the Plain of Tun, in central Faerûn during the Age of the Proud People.[1] It was a vast nation, difficult to defend for the relatively meager population of dwarves.[2][3].

The sigil of Oghrann was a hunting horn encircled by a six-pointed star.[3]


At its height, Oghrann surrounded the valley of the River Tun, extended into the Sunset Mountains in the west and underneath the Storm Horns in the east. It skirted Boareskyr's Forest, referred to by the dwarves as Wurgymvudd or "Ugly-Wood". The lands to the northwest, known at the time as the Helbryn, were also claimed by Oghrann as a hunting reserve, but settlement of those lands was forbidden since the time of King Thordbard.[2].


Oghrann was founded in the wake of the fall of Shanatar,[4] by the realm's first and most legendary warrior-king, Thordbard Firebeard, in −5125 DR.[2][1]

Oghrann lasted until shortly after Ammarindar was abandoned,[5] continuing on until the year −3770 DR.[6] Disease and attacks from monstrous humanoids, such as lizard men, bugbears and wemics, spelled the end of the realm and its 7,000-odd survivors fled to the Far Hills to the west.[3]