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Ogre giants were imposing giants found in Zakhara, the Land of Fate, that seemed to have more in common with ogres than giants.[1]


Ogre giants were larger that many true giants, standing 20 feet (6.1 meters) tall and weighing 8,500 pounds (3,900 kilograms). Their bodies were covered in spiky hair and they rarely wore clothing unless directed to do so by a master. Around six in ten giants were cyclopean, but some had two eyes as well. Their large elephant-shaped ears often hung down to their shoulders. These richly-veined ears were used to cool their body when flapped. Males of the species possessed a pair of large tusks that jutted upward from their lower jaw.[1]


Beware the wrath of the ogre giant!

Their large fists aided them well in combat. Ogre giants were also skilled at throwing boulders like other giants, though they preferred to toss smaller boulders with both hands at the same time, allowing them to easily defend a location if given an ample supply of boulders.[1]


Some ogre giants grouped together into family units or small clans. A clan consisted of a dominant male and his wives, children, and unmarried siblings.[1]

Ogre giants were sometimes employed for their muscle by sha'irs, sorcerers, and ogre mages. In return, the employer helped protect the ogre giant's clan.[1]

Ogre giants never ate the flesh of sentient creatures. Furthermore, they buried the bodies of their slain enemies in the same stone cairns that they used for their own deceased. These cairns grew over time, resembling small mountains if a clan lived in the same area for long enough. Any disturbance of these cairns by grave-robbers or necromancers was punishable by death.[1]

These simple giants were easily tricked and confused, but they were aware of their limitations. If trickery was detected, their vengeance was swift.[1]

Ogre giants primarily spoke the ogre language, but some who lived near humans could speak Midani as well. A rare few even attained enlightenment, serving as missionaries for their kind, though the vast majority were savage brutes.[1]


Because of their need for large quantities of food, clans or groups of ogre giants were scattered. Most led solitary lives, trading with humans and others of their kind when needed. Males often roamed in search of potential female mates.[1]

Ogre giants were confused by large groups, making them ill-suited for armies and civilization in general. Those who could not deal with the mounting pressure and confusion caused by a crowd often snapped and went berserk.[1]

Ogre giants could live for 500 years.[1]

Known Ogre Giants[]




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