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Ogrillons (pronounced: /ˈgrɪlʌnzo-GRIL-unz[9] or: /ˈɑːgrɪlʌnzAG-ril-unz[9]) were the result of orcs and ogres breeding.


Ogrillons looked very similar to orcs,[4] but were often a little taller.[8] Roughly 10% of ogrillons inherited the physical attributes of their ogre parentage and were clearly distinguishable from their orcs.[7]

Although roughly the same size as orcs and other humanoids, ogrillons were considerably stronger.[5]

Most ogrillons had bony protrusions on their shoulders, elbows, knuckles, hips, knees, and toes.[8]


Ogrillons lived in tribes.[3] They often cooperated with orcs and were regularly used by orc groups as extra muscle.[7]

Despite little use for currency, ogrillons often considered gold coins lucky and most ogrillons carried coins with them.[7]

Although most ogrillons pursued barbarian or fighter roles, a minority chose to become clerics, monks[5] or shamans.[10]


Ogrillons thrived in combat and were uncomfortable and restless if not in a battle.[7]

The use of weapons and armor varied. Although many ogrillons fought without weaponry or armor,[7] others preferred to use clubs, greataxes and other large weapons while wearing hide armor.[8]


Ogrillons were carnivorous.[3]


As of 1370 DR, ogrillons were one of the many creatures used as slaves in Menzoberranzan.[11] At some point, the second house of Menzoberranzan (House Barrison Del'Armgo) owned roughly 250 slave ogrillons.[12]

Notable ogrillons[]

Ragnor was a fighter and one of the military leaders of Castle Trinity.[13]
Grguch was the leader of the ogrillion tribe known as Clan Karuck.[10]
Hakuun was the shaman of the ogrillon tribe Clan Karuck. Around 1372 DR, Hakuun became the chief advisor to the clan's leader, Grguch.[10]



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