Ogrima were the result of inter-breeding between ogres and ogre mages. Over time they became a separate race of ogres entirely.[1]


These creatures were as tall as ogres but had skin that was either yellow or a sickly blue-green. They had a single horn that protruded from their forehead through their greasy hair.[1]


Ogrima were as strong as ogres but possessed more cunning. Coupled with their limited spell-like abilities and regenerative capabilities, this made them worthy opponents in battle. [1]

They favored large weapons and bows. Suspected spellcasters were targeted with their bows before engaging in close combat. [1]

Ogrima could use the following spell-like abilities: levitate, blur, chill touch, and change self. [1]

Bands of ogrima were sometimes accompanied by a stronger ogrima chieftain. [1]


Ogrima were considered social outcasts by ogres and ogre mages. They were more social than ogres and possessed more skills in crafting, allowing them to build more structures for their strongholds. [1]

Tribes of ogrima were arranged into families that spread over their territory. Sometimes they fought each other, but all ogrima held a wider hatred for ogres and ogre mages. [1]


These creatures were hunters and scavengers and they mostly ate meat. Tribes of ogrima moved frequently because they over-hunted any area they settled upon. This made them natural enemies of rangers, druids, and other protectors of the wild. [1]



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