Oil of impact was a very explosive magical substance.[1] The priest Cadderly Bonaduce was known to use this oil in his youth.[2] A typical vial of this oil had a base value of 5,000gp.[3]


Only some of the exotic ingredients were known that were needed in the process of brewing the Oil of Impact - for example hill giant fingernails and crushed oxen horn. An alchemical device was needed to blend all ingredients together - and a very careful hand to not cause the oil to blow up in the process of brewing.


The oil could be transported in glass vials. Cadderly designed crossbow darts to hold the oil. These darts were small and narrow and made of iron except for silver caps. The centers of the darts were hollowed out to leave room for tiny glass vials filled with the oil. In case those darts impacted on a hard surface (such as a wall, limb of a tree or even an orog's torso) the vial collapsed and the oil exploded.[2]


Vicero Belago of the Edificant Library would often undergo the incredibly dangerous and expensive procedure to make the oil, usually upon request of Cadderly. In 1361 DR, during the time Barjin wished to release the Chaos Curse unto the scholars of the library, the Belago's alchemy lab exploded. When Cadderly returned to the library after the events in Caradoon, Belago praised the young scholar as a hero, and bestowed upon him several vials of the oil for his crossbow.[4]



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