Oil of slipperiness, also known as salve of slipperiness,[1] was a magical unguent that rendered a creature extremely difficult to restrain.[2]


The oil was heavy, black, and sticky, but flowed surprisingly quickly out of its container.[2]

One dose of oil of slipperiness was sufficient to cover the entire body and equipment of a human-sized creature. More doses were required if intended to be applied over a larger individual. Applying the oil was a process that took 10 minutes.[2]


One application of the oil granted a creature the effects of a freedom of movement spell for 8 hours. Alternatively, pouring the oil on the ground covered an area equivalent to a square 10 feet (3 meters) on a side, giving it the effects of a grease spell for 8 hours.[2]

An anointed creature or area could be cleaned of oil of slipperiness by wiping or rinsing with alcohol or wine.[1]


The primary ingredients of oil of slipperiness were either the gland from a purple worm or the liver from a giant pike.[5]

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