Ojy-do was a city in the kingdom of Koryo in Kara-Tur. It was one of the few troublespots of the kingdom around 1357 DR.[1][note 1]


Ojy-do lay inland, at the base of the Ziyero Ridge.[2][3]


Around 1357 DR, Ojy-do was nominally ruled by a governor appointed by King Wanang Sun. However, the true rulers of the city were the Bakshi yakuza clan, who were able to manipulate the governor. The Bakshi were headed by So Golin-po and worked only to gouge money from the city.[1]

They controlled both the city guard and the criminal underworld. Golin-po was utterly ruthless in dealing with anyone who had the temerity to steal or con in the city, or who tried to shake his grip on power. Many who opposed the Bakshi were killed, and honorable folk had long since fled the city.[1]


Ojy-do was a walled city that had fallen into a dilapidated state under the tyranny of the Bakshi. The largest house in the city was the home and fortified compound of Golin-po.[1]


The most powerful faction in Ojy-do was of course the Bakshi clan of yakuza, but the city was also infiltrated with spies serving King Wanang Sun.[1]

The Fangs of Night ninja clan were also based in Ojy-do, known for their magical stone shuriken called the Throwing Stars of Ojy-do.[4][5]



  1. The magical shuriken called stars of Ojy-do in Neverwinter Nights and Neverwinter Nights 2 appear to have a connection to Ojy-do, but their descriptions only refer to a person called Ojy and the village of Golden. Ojy's connection to Ojy-do is unknown, but it has been assumed for this wiki that Golden lies in Koryo near Ojy-do.


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