Okotampe was a korobokuru wu jen in Kozakura in 1358 DR.[2]


Okotampe was a shaman among his tribe but left his home to found a new totem for the tribe. He met Onoye and understood her spirit nature, deciding that she was sent to him by the gods to help in his quest, so he decided to travel with her. Later, Okotampe and Onoye joined Doin Sanehiro's group in fighting against Jinchin.[2]

They remained with Doin at the village of Tomobiki after the end of the adventure.[3]

In late 1358 he went into a solitary trip to find a new totem in the Fochu Peninsula of Wa but the thief of his helm of teleportation by some Blue Kumi Bandits prevented Okotampe to went back to home.[1]


Okotampe didn't really need anyhing from others, living cheaply. He never bathed, wore filthy rags, spat, cursed, yelled, and was always rude. He considered humans just barbarian invaders, and his people to be more ancient and wise.[2]



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