Old Illuskan was the language of Old Illusk[1] and the parent language of modern Illuskan, Bothii, and Reghedjic.[note 1] It also influenced the modern language of Dambrathan.[2]


Old Illuskan had its own alphabet. By 1372 DR, the only known samples of this script were located in the Green Library in Ruathym and in the Host Tower of the Arcane in Luskan.[1]



  1. The "Speaking in Tongues" article in Dragon Annual #4 includes a dead language called "Truskan" in its list of four Illuski languages, but nothing else is noted about it. Races of Faerûn, however, goes into some detail about the dead parent language of Illuskan, called Old Illuskan. Moreover, it is stated in Races of Faerûn that the Old Illuskans became the Reghedmen, so it is reasonable to assume that Reghedjic derived from Old Illuskan as well. Thus, it is possible that Old Illuskan and Truskan are the same. In any case, Old Illuskan was certainly an Illuski language.



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