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The Old Staff was Azuth's favored weapon.[1]


Both ends of the wooden, rune-scribed staff were shod in iron. At the top a fist-sized sapphire pulsed with enormous arcane energies.[2]


In 1385 DR, Zasian Menz (serving Cyric) and Kashada (serving Shar) traveled to Dweomerheart and were able to steal the Old Staff. Cyric subsequently used the Old Staff to slay Mystra, causing the Realms-wide catastrophe known as the Spellplague.[3]

After the Spellplague, Asmodeus somehow got the Old Staff and handed it to Bryseis Kakistos as part of their covenant.[4] In 1400 DR, after Bryseis turned against Asmodeus, she gave the Old Staff to Caisys and told him to hide it so Asmodeus didn't have the opportunity to use Azuth's powers to the fullest.[5] Caisys hid it in a cave of the Dead Stone Mountains, in the world of Abeir.[6]

In 1487 DR, as part of a plan to separate the gods Asmodeus and Azuth, Farideh and her allies went to the Dead Stone Mountains and Isltan Nyaril, Chosen of Azuth, retrieved the Old Staff.[7] After Isltan sacrificed his life to bring back Azuth, the God of Wizards was able to claim his staff at last.[8]