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Old Stonebows, also known as Jalia's, was an inn located in the city of Archenbridge during the mid-to-late 14th century DR. It was said to be the best inn of all Archendale.[1]


The inn was located on the intersection between Urserpent Street and the road coming from the Arkhen Bridge, across the street from the Old Dragon Down shop.[2]


The inn was an imposing building made of thick stone walls and polished wood panels. The inn's badge portrayed a pair of golden bull's horns.[1]



Jalia's was a cozy place, in which every room featured a fireplace and comfortable chairs.[1] It all around gave an impression of quiet, comfort, and luxury.[1]

A communal hot bathing pool was accessible in the cellar through a staff-cranked elevator. There, guests would wash with scented soap and bathe in the nude, while drinking beverages suited for the season (hot drinks in winter, cold drinks in summer).[1]


The inn was known for serving succulent food such as hot soups, venison, or spiced fowl at any time of the day. During daytime it featured an extensive menu including delicacies such as smoked fish, roast boar, river eel platters and quail in wine.[1] Meals were quite expensive, costing 9 gp a head (before accounting for the drinks).[1]

Every guest was provided with a a handsome fluffy robe embroidered with the inn's badge, which they usually wore down to the pool.[1]

Rumors & Legends[]

Precious robes[]

Jalia Mossgreen was known to send bounty hunters after guests who left with one of the inn's robes by mistake.[1]

Jalandyl o' Stars[]

It was said that Jalandyl o' Stars, from the Drunken Lion alehouse, was on friendly terms with the owner—so much that once a Sembian merchant who tried to kidnap her got attacked by all the inn staff.[3]