"The Old Wall" was a term used to refer to those structures and streets occupying the area where the original walls of Silverymoon once were.[1]


The Old Wall began at the Docks west of the Moonbridge and went northwest to Dancer's Mask Lane, which it followed as it ran north. Then it bent sharply to the east until it reached the Market. The Old Wall served as much of the Market's western border until ending at the Docks east of the Moonbridge.[2]


Construction of the original wall of Silverymoon was begun in 637 DR and completed by Uktar of that same year, when Silverymoon officially became a city.[3][4] By 734 DR, the growing city was suffering from problems of overcrowding; new walls were built that nearly doubled Silverymoon's size. Sections of the Old Wall and its foundations were intentionally left standing to be used as supports for new buildings.[4]

Notable LocationsEdit

Helmer's Wall, which used to be a gatehouse to the city within the Old Wall, was a popular tavern among students at the many colleges.[5][1]


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