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Oleander was a species of poisonous flowering shrubs that grew in Faerûn and Kara-Tur.[3][4]


Wild oleander was known to grow in the oases of Anauroch, the Great Desert.[1]

The black oleander species of the flower were known to grow in abundance in the Shadow-cursed Lands of the Western Heartlands as of the late 15th century DR.[4]


Oleander was one of several poisonous plants that were transported abroad the Ginger Lady, a Shou cargo caravel in the late 14th century DR. Other dangerous plants were lantana, castor bean, pink pea, and Shou berry.[3]

Black oleander flowers were often planted in graveyards and gifted to the sickest patients. But more importantly, black oleander was sought after for its alchemical properties. The flowers could be used to extract vitriol – a thick, dark-colored sap with a syrupy-sweet aroma. That vitriol could be mixed with certain types of alchemical sublimates to create elixirs of necrotic resistance.[4]

Some believed that black oleander had properties that could halt the spreading of necrosis.[4]




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