Olgerkhan was a half-orc warrior living in Palischuk in Vaasa.


Olgerkhan's features favored his orcish half with wide eyes in a tusky face; his lip twisted as a result of his huge, uneven canines; anbd his thick forehead being adorned with a singular bushy brow over bloodshot eyes. His nose was flat and crooked, his face marked by small and uneven patches of hair. Olgerkhan was not very tall, somewhere between five-and-a-half and six feet (1.7 to 1.8 meters). He appeared much larger though, for his limbs and chest were thick and strong.[1]


Although not overly smart, Olgerkhan was very polite, respectful, and protective of his love, Arrayan Faylin.[2]

He also displayed a sort of wisdom and simplistic insightfulness.[citation needed]


Olgerkhan almost died defending Arrayan from being killed by Athrogate and Canthan Doolittle. He was saved by Artemis Entreri through the vampiric powers of Artemis' dagger, consuming the life-force of Canthan and giving it to Olgerkhan.[3]




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