Olive Ruskettle was a halfling thief who always aspired to a life of entertaining people and the easy living that profession could bring.

“Everyone needs to make his own life for himself, though,” she said aloud. “Cyrrollalee knows, I loved my mother, but she never understood why I chose music over merchandising, so I hit the road. The people who love us the most have more trouble accepting that we're different from them than strangers do.”
  — Olive Ruskettle


Her true name was unknown. She won the name and reputation of Olav Ruskettle, a true and famous bard, in a dice game. Since then Olive did her best to maintain her image as a bard of great talent. Over the years she has been cornered by well-traveled folks who claim to have seen the "real" Olav Ruskettle perform, each time she managed to lie her way out of the confrontation.

Ruskettle was unique even among halflings, due to her height of less than three feet. Simply by putting on a pair of shoes, she could be mistaken for a human toddler.[3] Unknown even to her at the time, Olive became a Harper when Finder gave her his harper pin in the presence of Elminster Aumar.[4]




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