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Ologh was a male orc and Overking of the orc kingdom of Vastar in the 6th century DR.[1]


At some point, Ologh rose to the position of Overking of Vastar. He created a throne for himself and the title, holding court from the Hollow Mountain.[1]

However, Ologh the Overking was killed by the black dragon Iyrauroth, dying to the wyrm's claws and fangs, in the Year of Writhing Darkness, 572 DR, leaving the position vacant. With that, Vastar descended into civil war as orcish factions battled for control across the land.[2][1]


Ologh was described as a "monstrous" orc.[1]


The Blazing Banner of Ologh the Overking was his famous battle standard and an important military artifact.[3]


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