King Olosar of House Tethyr[3] was a king of the Lions' Dynasty of Tethyr.[2]


Olosar and his older brother Jaszur were twin sons of King Alemander III, born when their father was only twelve years old! He was uncle to Alemander IV, who would succeed him as king.[2]


Olosar was born in 1274 DR. He took the throne upon the murder of his brother in 1295 DR.[2] Because Waterdeep left many questions unanswered regarding his brother's death, King Olosar cancelled all trade agreements with that city, and by as late as 1370 DR, Tethyr and Waterdeep had had no significant agreements or alliances since.[4]

He reigned until 1319 DR, when he was succeeded by his nephew, Alemander IV.[2]




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