Olothon was an elder dragonborn shaman, and the leader of Wandering Stones as of 1479 DR.[1]


Olothon had turquoise scales.[1]


As of 1479 DR, Olothon was the "Stonetalker" of Wandering Stones. As such, Olothon was the one in charge of talking with the stones that composed the corpse of the primordial Arambar (in truth, the spirits of the dead who gathered around those stones), and to protect the village and act as leader for its people. He was good friends with Carnelian, a very old and wise spirit.[1]


In 1479 DR, Olothon met with Jada Marlserpent, the last member of Clan Marlserpent and one of the fabled dragonheirs, who went to Wandering Stones to learn about her past. That same day, the brown dragon Thovantareth attacked the village, forcing Olothon and Jada to seek shelter in the stones that composed Arambar's corpse. Olothon was one of the few individuals who witnessed the primordial awaken and kill the dragon. After that, Olothon accepted Jada as one of the inhabitants of Wandering Stones.[1]




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