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Omanond was the Lord Artificer of the Imaskari Empire during their reunification in -3920 DR.[1] He remained Lord Artificer until at least -3234 DR.[2]


Lord Artificer Omanond was known for reunifying Higher and Lower Imaskar, thus starting the Late period of the Imaskari Empire. He also moved the capital of the empire to Inupras as part of the reunification[1]. The Imaskarcana, seven artifacts in which the lore of the empire would be stored for eternity, were created on his orders.[3]

The archwizard Madryoch planned to overthrow him. He might have succeeded, if not for the intervention of the young prodigy Hilather, who defeated him in the outpost at Metos and banished him to the Demiplane of Imprisonment.[1][note 1]

Legends & Rumors[]

According to The Lore of Omanond, a tome within the Purple Library of Deep Imaskar, the creation of the Imaskarcana had been made possible through connivance with an extraplanar race.[4]

In the spring of 1374 DR, somewhere on the border between Veldorn and Estagund, Ususi Manaallin delved into an Imaskari ruin.[5] In that ruin, she came across two murals she judged to represent two different Emperors of Imaskar, Umyatin and Omanond. The mural she took to represent Lord Artificer Omanond showed him surrounded by seven slender humanoids too fey to represent elves, each carrying a magnificent tome.[4] The text beneath these figures translated to "leShay".



  1. Given that the outpost at Metos was founded in -3234 DR, and Madryoch's scheme to overthrow Omanond neither bore fruition nor was thwarted before then, Omanond must have ruled until at least that year, short of a descendant with the same name taking the throne.