Omen was a common spell used by shugenja and wu jen in Kara-Tur.[3][4] The spell was very rare outside Kara-Tur.[1][2]


A caster used this spell to predict the outcome of an adventure or an event such as a battle. During casting, a wu jen communicated with spirits and a shugenja communicated with their deity. When a shugenja cast this spell, they remained motionless and waited for a sign from their deity. Spirits and deities were sporadic with the omens and they were challenging to interpret correctly. The spell took a substantial physical and mental toll on the caster, and even the most powerful shugenja or wu jen was only able to cast this spell once a week.[1][2][3] A caster was unable to cast this spell in the phlogiston.[5]


For a shugenja, only a verbal component was required. For a wu jen, both a verbal and a material component were required. During casting, the wu jen needed to burn small pieces of paper written with the four directions.[1][2][3]





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