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Omu, also known as the Forbidden City,[2] was a ruined city in Chult. The city was infamous for the subterranean dungeon-complex known as the Tomb of the Nine Gods. This was the location chosen by Acererak to place the soulmonger and trap the souls of previously-deceased Torilians, in the 15th–century phenomenon known as the death curse.[4]


Omu was located in a basin surrounded by cliffs in the heart of the Chultan jungle. It was extremely difficult to find.[1][5]


In its early days, the city of Omu prospered through mining and commerce. Its riches and power led to greed, as the city demanded offerings from its neighbors in the form of slaves to work the mines. The city's armies marched across Chult and angered Ubtao, who decided to abandon the Omuans sometime in the late 13th century DR.[2]

The city was forsaken by Ubtao and the clerics that lived within lost their divine power. The slaves revolted against their oppressors and the city fell to ruin. Signs of the once-great society, its currency and maps showing its location, were purposefully destroyed. It truly became the Forgotten City.[2]

The city's lack of an overseeing deity drew the attention of primal spirits from the jungle. They offered power to scattered Omuans that remained, in exchange for their veneration. The Omuans promptly destroyed their temples to Ubtao and worshiped the brutal and discordant spirits, who came known as the nine trickster gods.[2]

The trickster gods' power was limited. Since they could not grant spells to all their clerics, they demanded sacrifices and blood trials to test their resolve and entertain the decadent population. Their reign over Omu lasted for the next 90 years.[2]

Sometime in the late 14th century DR, the trickster gods' behavior piqued the curiosity of the cosmos-traveling lich Acererak. Inspired by their bloody trials, Acererak invaded Omu, killed the trickster gods and forced the Omuans into servitude. The lich forced them to construct his own murderous dungeon underneath the city, one that would contain the malevolent spirits, known as the Tomb of the Nine Gods. Acererak then slaughtered the remaining Omuans and sealed their fates alongside those of their gods.[2]

In the mid‒15th century DR, a group of yuan-ti from Hisari settled in Omu, followed by Ras Nsi, who was fleeing from Mezro. When a natural disaster shook the city and killed the yuan-ti abomination leader, Nsi undertook a ritual to transform into a malison and became the leader of the group.[2]

A number of outlander groups led expeditions throughout the city over the following years, including adventurers, tabaxi and even Red Wizards from Thay.[3][6]

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