Ondontis were a rare race closely related to orcs, brought up to be pacifists.[1]


The ondontis taught their young, via oral tradition, that thirty of their kind were brought to their ancestral homeland by a group known as "the Founders" and were taught the tenets of Eldath's faith in the form of the Tarek-Passar (the Way of Peace).[1] This is quite correct, although the full details lost to history are that they were raised in the faith of the Green Goddess by the people of Myth Ondath and left to their own devices when that city was destroyed by the Ice Queen and the Gatekeeper's Crystal.[2]

They were first discovered by a Zhent scouting party in the Year of the Lion, 1340 DR living in an isolated part of the Tortured Land. They lived in fifteen scattered tribes and, owing to their pacifist nature, fourteen of those tribes were quickly captured by Zhentilar raiders and taken to the Citadel of the Raven to be used as slaves. The final tribe left was said to have been guarded by the divine magic of ondonti clerics and by a divine servant of Eldath, whom all of the tribes worshiped.[1]


Magic that caused harm was taboo and they would rather die themselves than kill another sentient being. The only time killing occurred in ondonti society was for food or if a creature was incurably insane or diseased.[1]

The ondonti captured by the Zhents were used as slaves. They were powerfully built and not at all unruly, so could be relied upon to work well with only light supervision. A selective breeding and training program was also attempted where ondonti young were raised among the mountain orc soldiers of the Citadel and trained as fighters. While the shift in moral outlook was mostly successful, it was not known what the results of this program were.[1]


As already mentioned, harmful magic was taboo among the tribal ondonti. Almost all ondonti magic-users were clerics of Eldath who prayed for defensive and curative spells. Every ondonti also had the ability to cast sanctuary, purify food and drink, barkskin, and tree shape.[1]




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