One-Eyed Jax[note 1] was a tavern and inn in Luskan, owned by Jarlaxle, who had assumed control of Ship Kurth.[1][2]


The inn was located on the north bank of Luskan.[1]


The tavern had at least two floors.[1]


The bar was frequented by drow, which was unsurprising, considering that Ship Kurth was fully under the tavern owner's control (who also was drow). It was generally bustling with patrons, many of which were sailors.[1]


For those not affiliated with one of the ships of the High Captains of Luskan, One-Eyed Jax was said to be the safest place to stay. It was said to be comfortable, and great for finding out news of caravans coming in and out of Luskan. The inn also had signs and notices for such caravans. The beds were of very good quality.[1]

One-Eyed Jax served drinks such as wine, and fine-quality food.[1]


In 1484 DR, Artemis Entreri and his companions purposely avoided the tavern after determining who "One-Eyed Jax" was.[1]

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  1. One-Eyed Jax is a pun based on playing card jargon, One-Eyed Jacks. This term refers to specific cards that only have one eye shown in their portraits. This is clearly a nod to the owner, Jarlaxle (or Jax), who also only shows one eye (as he wears an enchanted eye patch).




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