One-Eyed Jax: A Forgotten Realms Adventure is a short story written by R.A. Salvatore and published by Audible Originals on June 3rd 2021.[1]

Conflicts will be decided with fisticuffs, card games will be played for the highest of stakes, and swords will be flashed in this rollicking Dungeons & Dragons adventure from New York Times best-selling author R. A. Salvatore.

Maintaining stability in a city full of pirates is a delicate balancing act, particularly when one is motivated by making sure the common folk are taken care of instead of simple personal greed. Jarlaxle and his band of rogues known as Bregan D'aerthe are doing their best, stabilizing the city after warding off a terrible attack by demonic and gnoll forces.

But now three merchant ships have been destroyed and sent to the ocean floor—obliterated in such a quick and brutal manner that it makes little sense it’s pirates seeking plunder. Something is out there on or under the cold dark waters of the Sword Coast, and it threatens the trade Jarlaxle will need to bring prosperity to Luskan.

Fortunately, Jarlaxle has powerful and clever allies he can call upon to help him solve the riddle. But will they do it in time? And even if it's solved, can the perpetrator be defeated?[1]
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