Oni mages, often called ogre mages, were powerful, intelligent, and cunning oni that possessed several potent abilities.[6]


Such creatures stood at around ten feet (three meters) tall and weighed 700 pounds (320 kilograms).[3]

These spellcasting giants were humanoid but often had features that set them apart from normal giants. These could include large horns, extra or missing fingers, a third eye and skin colors that ranged from red to blue.[citation needed]


Given their intelligence and their magical powers, oni mages preferred to dress as nobility, wearing fine clothing and armor. Despite their intelligence, they were known to be brutish and wicked. They delighted in the suffering of others. The ogre mages often stole what they wanted from surrounding communities, be it property or persons. (Young maidens were their favorite.)[citation needed]


Oni mages were versatile giants that combined physical and magical prowess in combat, using their natural strength to deal out significant amounts of damage while relying on their regeneration ability to shrug off wounds. When they found themselves in real danger, they ducked out of combat quickly using darkness, invisibility, gaseous form, or even used their ability of flight.[3]

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