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Onoye was a demigod kami in Kozakura in 1358 DR.[1]


Onoye was a lesser nature spirit, an earthbound minor deity more goddess than human, of the Wood Spirit people. She however decided to walk among humans in Kozakura. At one point, Onoye met and befriended the korobokuru Okotampe, who understood her spirit nature and became her travel companion. Later Okotampe and Onoye joined Doin Sanehiro's group in fighting against Jinchin.[1]

They remained with Doin at the village of Tomobiki after the end of the adventure.[2]


Onoye feared most that people would discover her true nature, as it was forbidden for those not in communion with the Spirit World to know her true nature. Onoye never lied about her condition but revealed only a fragment of her nature; she and Doin had a complex relationship that ended in a love that could not be requited for Doin. Onoye had gained a complete understanding of the human soul and of the complexity of their societies. However, she was uncurious about some aspects of the material world, like food, money, or shelter. [1]



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