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Ooze drakes were a species of elemental drake.[1]


Ooze drakes had slimy, grey-green scales covered with a caustic goo. The claws and teeth were dirty grey in color, and the eyes were a watery pale-yellow. They were draconic in build, and about 12 ft (3.7 m) in length.[1]


Ooze drakes were disgusting, vile, and malevolent creatures.[1]


Ooze drakes were amphibious: naturally aquatic but still capable of surviving indefinitely on land. They constantly secreted acid from their skin, which ate through most materials with stone being the primary exception.[1]


Ooze drakes preferred to sneak up on their prey and attack from either underwater or above, as appropriate, dragging or carrying their victim away. They disliked and disdained anything close to a fair fight.[1]


Ooze drakes lived in swamps, marshes, and wet caverns. They were known to ally with groups of lizardfolk or troglodytes, but their patience with such lesser beings was limited.[1]

Ooze drakes were known to speak the Draconic language as well as either the Terran or Aquan languages. Their speech was slow and slurred, as if they spoke with a mouth half-full of water.[1]



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