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An ooze mephit was a mephit from the Para-Elemental Plane of Ooze.[1]


Ooze mephits were mucky and filthy, and appeared as small winged humanoids. Their bodies emitted very powerful odors, and dripped with slime. These mephits' wings were essentially green bubble membranes, but were very hardy. They were proficient at swimming.[1]


In combat, ooze mephits utilized their breath weapon, where they breathed cones of acrid liquid over their opponents. This would cause their skin and eyes to itch and burn, unless they were immune to acid. They could also fire acid arrows at their enemies, as well as filling an area with nauseous stinking clouds.[1][2]

These mephits were able to regenerate quickly in both muddy and wet environments.[1] Like other mephits, they attacked with their claws, but they preferred to avoid combat completely. They could gate in other mephits of the same type, to assist them in such encounters. Like water mephits, they were immune to cutting and impaling. They were also immune to fire- and water-based attacks, but spells that turned mud into rock would harden the creatures, killing them.[2]


Ooze mephits were favored by the deity Ghaunadaur. Those who came into direct contact with such mephits would find their clothing permanently stained. Some societies may have used these creatures to work at garbage dumps and clean sewers. However, they didn't enjoy their duties, and quickly found themselves jobless, and unable to get back to their home plane. Thus, they often tried to flatter adventurers, and loan money off of them.[2]


Several ooze mephits served the talontar blightlord Anammelech as of 1373 DR.[3]



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