The Opawang was an evil sorcerer in Akari.[2]


The Opawang was originally the Black Leopard Priest, leader of the Black Leopard Cult in Durkon. In 420 Shou Years (−830 DR) at the mouth of the Fenghsintzu River,[3] General Wo Can of Shou Lung and his army destroyed the Black Leopard Cult temple.[4]

The Black Leopard Priest led the remaining cultists to Akari where they built a base for their eventual return to the continent. They were always ruled by the Black Leopard Priest until he sacrificed his own people for immortality, becoming "the Opawang", the Dead Spirit King.[1]

Circa 1220 Shou Years (800 DR), a pirate gang settled on the isle and the Opawang, seeking to drive them away, created the first ochimo and the pirates abandoned the isle in terror. In 2456 Shou Years (1279 DR), another pirate gang settled in Akari but this time, before the intervention of the Opawang, the Shou Lung navy crushed them. From then on, the Opawang lived in tranquillity, furthering his studies into the ochimo and capturing the great spirit of Akari, Harooga.[1]

In 1349 DR, however, the Shou decided to build a colony on Akari and so, after some time, the Opawang sent his four ochimo to scare them off.[1] However, in 1357 DR, governor Ko Lei Kho hired an adventuring party who, after some battles, destroyed the ochimo and in the end they also fought and killed the Opawang.[5]



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