Ophala Cheldarstorn is the covert owner of the Moonstone Mask as well as a respected member of the Many-Starred Cloak. Regarding the Harpers (as well as Elminster of Shadowdale) as allies, she counts the Arcane Brotherhood of Luskan among her list of foes. Ophala's apprentices spend most of their time spying on the Brotherhood through magical means so its agents can be stopped. Ophala once had a brief yet dangerous career as an adventurer of other planes, but she has since retired.[1]

The Laughing Wyrm Edit

During Sammaster's Rage, Ophala took Zundaerazylym -"The Laughing Wyrm" - to the Astral plane in a successful attempt to free her from the madness that was infecting Faerûn's dragons. At the time Zundarazylym was a laundress and seamstress at the Moonstone Mask.[2]




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