Ophinshtalajiir Perra was a dragonborn member of Clan Ophinshtalajiir who served as the ambassador of Tymanther in Chessenta as 1479 DR.[1]


Perra was tall and gaunt. Her brown scales where speckled with white due to her old age.[1]


Perra was clan-kin of Yrjixtilex Kallan.[2]


For someone of her age, Perra was strong enough to easily handle the big greatsword only high-ranking Thymari were allowed to use and to stand on her own against multiple enemies.[3]


In 1479 DR, Perra was sent to Luthcheq in order to improve the diplomatic relationship between Chessenta and Tymanther.[1] However, due to an incident with a group of abishai killers disguised as dragonborn, the thymari diplomatic delegation was kicked out of Chessenta and Perra was forced to return to Tymanther.[4]

During the travel back home, a topaz taaldarax (one of the players of Brimstone's xorvintaal) attacked Perra and her delegation, but with the help of Balasar, the paladin Medrash, Khouryn Skulldark and his men, the dragonborn were able to drive away the dragon.[5]

After the Battle of Luthcheq, Perra was reinstated as the ambassador with Chessenta,[6] a position she still held in 1487 DR.[2]




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