An orc double axe was a two-handed, exotic melee weapon that could be used as a double weapon.[1]


This weapon was two double-bladed axes mounted on either end of a stout haft. There were two wide grips on the haft, about midway between the center and each axe head. The blades were narrower than those on a greataxe to reduce the weight, which was considerable. The toe of each axe blade could be extended to a sharp point, and the ends of the haft could be spiked also. An average orc double axe cost 60 gp and weighed 15 lbs (6.8 kg).[2]


This weapon was most often found being wielded by powerful orcs. To use it as a double weapon it would be held by the dual grips. One-handed use negated the double weapon capability.[3]


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