Orc, also known as Orcish or Daraktan,[1] was the common language written and spoken by most orcs.[2] Daraktan used the Dethek script.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

Orc evolved from the archaic Hulgorkyn language used by the orcs.[2]

Orc names[edit | edit source]

The following typical names were used by orcs in Faerûn:

Given names
  • Male: Besk, Durth, Fang, Gothog, Harl, Kesk, Orrusk, Tharag, Thog, Ugurth [4]
  • Female: Betharra, Creske, Edarreske, Duvaega, Neske, Orvaega, Varra, Yeskarra [4]
  • Dummik, Horthor, Lammar, Sormuzhik, Turnskull, Ulkrunnar, Zorgar [4]

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