High Lady Ordalf was the ruler of the fey kingdom of Sarifal on the isle of Gwynneth in the Moonshae Isles, a rule that lasted over 11,000 years.


Long ago, Lady Ordalf received a prophecy from a satyr seer that she could only die in the mortal realm but that she must die to save both worlds from a disease spread by a beast lord. After hearing the prophecy, she moved the city of Karador into the Feywild.[2]

Around the time of the Spellplague, she moved Karador back to Faerûn and conquered Gwynneth from House Kendrick.[1]

She was weakened while defending the Moonshaes during the Spellplague and decided to delegate most duties of rulership to her son Prince Araithe.[citation needed]



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