The Order of the Bladewright was a psionic unit of the Knights of Imphras II made up of soulknives, based in the kingdom of Impiltur.[1]


The soulknives of the Order of the Bladewright dedicated their minds and bodies to the protection of the Boy King, Imbrar II. He was kept hidden by the regent and ruling council for fear of assassination, as had frequently befallen monarchs of Impiltur in the past. These soulknives kept their young king under close and constant watch, as much as he might protest.[1]


The Order of the Bladewright was fulfilling their duty by 1374 DR.[1] At that time, Imbrar was posing as one "Sarshel of Laviguer"[2] Imbrar was due to claim the throne and come into the open on his sixteenth birthday near the end of that year.[3]



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