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The Order of the Blue Boar was the most-prestigious mercenary recruitment organization in Amn, based near Riatavin around 1358 DR. They were active in Amn, Calimshan, Tethyr, and the Sword Coast.[1]


The Order was led by a council of seven men, called the Boar's Heads. The Order always recruited from 400 veterans called the Swords.[1] Individuals within the order were not restricted from perusing their own adventures. This meant that not all Swords were necessarily available at any given time.[2] The Heads decided how many men were needed for each job and asked who wanted to join. If there were too many applicants for a given job, they selected on the basis of seniority.[1]


The standard uniform of the Order was composed of dark blue stiff-collared shirts and trousers, black boots, and gold buttons. The official seal was of a gray-haired, razorbacked boar on a red or silver field.[1]


The Order charged five gold pieces per day for each member, plus an initial finder's fee of 700 gp. They accepted all contacts that they considered suitable to their moral code.[1] Costs could vary depending on the morality and political climate surrounding the job; e.g. morally ambiguous contracts or contracts taken out during wartime would cost more.[3] Every participating member received a share of any bounty. Each member of the Swords was permitted to employ his or her own underlings, and some of the older Swords only used such hirelings, not fighting themselves.[1]


The Order was once based in Castle Spulzeer but moved out when the Spulzeer family began to decline. Around 1358 DR, they were considering retaking the castle.[1]

In 1370 DR, The Order were hired to reinforce Spellshire troops in Trailstone after the town defected to join Tethyr.[4]