The Order of the Even-Handed was a monastic order based in Waterdeep, dedicated to the tenets of Tyr.[1]


A relatively small organization, the Order consisted of monks, clerics, sacred fists, and fighters, all devoted worshipers of Tyr. The Order was based around Hlam's Way of the Sacred Fists, a monastic discipline that combined elements of cleric and monk training.[1]

Although Hlam was Grand Master of the Order of the Even-Handed, he had little involvement with the organization, though he viewed it favorably.[2]


The Even-Handed taught its members self-reliance, and bade them seek out injustice. Membership was open to most, as long as they had some talent at unarmed combat and swore vows of impartiality and devotion to Tyr.[1]

It was expected that each member embark alone on a grand, Tyr-sanctioned adventure in their lifetime. Most members also sought to defeat monks of Helm in ritual combat.[1]

Base of OperationsEdit

The Order was based out of the House of Two Hands, a remote villa overlooking Smuggler's Bay from the slopes of Mount Waterdeep.[1]


Hammer Lord Hykros Allumen, leader of the Church of Tyr in Waterdeep, deeply disapproved of the Order's mixing of monk and cleric traditions. Therefore, the Order of the Even-Handed had closer ties to—and paid their tithes to—the Hall of Justice in Neverwinter.[1]


The Order of the Even-Handed was formed in the 14th century DR by disciples of Hlam, a reclusive monk who resided in a cave on Mount Waterdeep. Over the years, Hlam taught many students, who eventually organized themselves into the Order of the Even-Handed, receiving financial backing from Piergeiron the Paladinson to purchase a villa near Hlam's cave.[1]




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